Dimensional Illustration Assignment- 20101,2,3

Earth: Fragile Planet

We are all on it together! Our planet is dying - quickly. It is our responsibility to take care of our place in the universe and leave it in a condition our children, our children's children and other living organisms can sustain.
     Your assignment is to create an image that will alter a viewer’s thinking about  the responsibility he or she has to preserve and/or clean up what we have left. Disposable diapers, oil spills, world power consumption, renewable energy, composting, recycling, smoking, strip mining, population growth, asbestos, litter, global warming, deforestation or anything else that makes the world less livable... pick your poison and create an image that will influence the way we think about the issue.
     Everyday we generate mountains of trash which contribute to the demise of our home planet. To create your piece of art for this project you will use materials that have been discarded by others. This can be anything from bottles and cans, construction waste, old cell phone parts, office waste, discarded plumbing fixtures, computer parts, car parts, house parts, nuts and bolts, old shoes, old clothes, car tires, plastic garbage bags, printing plates, metal shavings, pencil shavings or anything else you can possibly think of. If it has been discarded, it can be used as a material for your project. Maybe the materials you select will be related the concept you dream up.
     The idea here is that, ever so infinitesimal as it might be, the flow of waste into the global landfill will be reduced. By selecting materials for your project that have entered the waste stream, you can reduce the size of the mountain. If even by millimeters, it is a good start.

Your image must elicit an emotion from the viewer. Are you going to terrify, anger, disgust, enrage, panic, depress, sadden or embarrass the viewer?

More to come...

Liz Lomax

Eric Lewis

Earth: Fragile Planet is a recent exhibition at the Society of Illustrators in New York City which runs from June 3 through July 31, 2010. The illustrations shown here were selected for that exhibition. They are done by internationally known dimensional illustrator, Liz Lomax and 3D illustrator and cartoonists Eric Lewis. Both have graciously allowed me to display their work here. Please visit their web sites to see more of their outstanding work.