Friday, July 15, 2011

First Art...My Favorite Bird

I've been taking a lot of pictures of Magpies lately and knew that I had to do a drawing of one of these amazingly beautiful birds. It is properly known as the "Blackbilled" Magpie and is larger than a Bluejay but smaller than a Crow. The relationship to the other two birds is evident in the shape, proportions and unmistakably, the voice -- unpleasant at best. They are all around Whitefish. There is one place, which is on our usual walk, where there are at least 20. They gather around a stand of pines which buffers a neighborhood from the street. They have built several nests in the trees. The only problem with this is that the scene is not the greatest for a drawing. So I took full advantage of my hard earned artistic license and decided the bird would look much better on the stretch of river I haven't been able to fish since we've been here. It's on the Flathead river at a place called Blankenship. I always have good luck fishing here and thought it the appropriate location for my drawing.

The image was done in pencil in my sketchbook. It's been cropped on the sides. The original is about 8.5"x9.5". Let me know what you think of this piece I just finished today. I hope to be posting more pictures in the next few days. Best from Montana!

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Location:Whitefish, Montana

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