Sunday, July 4, 2010

Welcome to the NEW West

It's July 4th and it's about time I start working again. I plan to post at least 1 drawing per week for the next 7 weeks featuring the sights around Whitefish and Libby, Montana.
     We arrived in Montana on June 30th after altered travel plans but we did make out very well with the air line. It seemed like almost all flights on United were overbooked!
     The view of this picture is directly out the back door of our condo. I was interested to see the great view looking toward Glacier National park. There it was, beautiful as ever, but this year there were a lot more clouds and rain on our arrival than in past years. Cooler too! I had my eyes set 20 miles east.
     As I took in more of the scene, closer to where we are staying, I saw an open field with a home and barns. The gate is directly across the road, not 75 feet from our building. Just beyond I saw a large solar collector at a Y in the drive. I thought this was a very interesting composition and one that indicated the desire of folks in the Flathead Valley to use renewable resources. During the summer there are hot, sunny days most of the time and this piece of equipment will be most useful. It's also interesting that the gate is remote controlled. Maybe energy from the solar collector operates the opener.
    That's all for now, with hope there will be many more drawings to follow.

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