Thursday, July 8, 2010

On Our Daily Walk...

In the morning, sometimes 8AM, sometimes 9AM, sometimes...well, whenever we feel like it, Sharon and I take a walk from our condo. It takes us through about 2 1/2 to 3 miles of great views of Whitefish. We walk near several ponds and along the Whitefish river.
     There are a lot of marshy areas with loads of cattails and long grasses around the water. The first day we were here I saw several blackbirds I have never seen before. They are a bit larger than Redwing Blackbirds but with many of the same characteristics. As it turned out, they are named, of all things, Yellowheaded Blackbirds.
     So I decided to do a small watercolor of the bird sitting on a new shoot of a cattail at the edge of one of the larger ponds we walk around. I don't really do much watercolor but I thought this a good opportunity to brush off some of the cobwebs to see if I still had the skill. I think the painting is passable, but I have considerable brushing up to do! I'll give it another try as time goes on here.
Fishing is on hold for a few more days because the water is still running very high because of the late winter snows and heavy rain in June. It's hard to find a good spot for wading. The guys at the fly shop said the action is starting to pick up. The water is also pretty darn cold too.

More to come...

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