Sunday, June 6, 2010

Development of my pop up book so far

I am writing, illustrating and engineering a pop up book. The illustrations highlight the sights Johnny and Grandpa see on a day trip and hike to the Flathead river near Glacier National Park. Pictures include magnificent Montana scenery while eagles, native cutthroat trout, moose, wildflowers and bears populate the pages. My story is all about closely observing nature in all its magnificence. But, beautiful as nature might be, wild creatures must sometimes behave instinctively in order to survive in their environment. This is a hard lesson for a young boy to learn. In the final spread Johnny comes to understand the eagle that stole his fish is really a mother providing food to her young. 
   My pop up book has eight spreads and minimal text. There's a surprise behind a flap on each spread. Storyboards are roughly sketched to disclose Johnny and Grandpa's complete hike.  The illustrations are rendered in pencil and digitally colored. The style is very realistic with lots of detail in anatomy, botany and authentic locations.

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